Benjamin is a gifted Meyerpire, first introduced in Breeding Spawn Breaking Dawn. He can influence the elements with his mind. He is described as cheerful, confident, and careless -- personality traits that clearly suggest an ability to cause earthquakes and waterfalls in the next life. *sarcasm hand raised*

In the not-battle of Breaking Dawn, he piles a few boulders around, makes pretty fountains in the river, and cracks a fissure in the earth that does absolutely nothing to stop Alec's mental mist - but it is then, of course, convienently nullified by our speshul little snowflake's shield.

His Twu Luv is Tia, a talentless female with all the characterization and personality of a plank of wood. She very well could have not been in the book at all - but then Benjamin would not have had a twu luv, which just can't happen to the good vamps in SMeyerland.

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