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According to SMeyer and the Twitards, Edward and Bella (aka cough-cough Christian Grey & Ana Steele cough-cough) are LIKE OMG BST CUPLEE EVOR!!!!!1!!!!1one1!! We Antis beg to differ. This is a list of fictional couples that prove SMeyer and the Twitards wrong. This list may include gay couples as well as straight ones. Please keep it canon (but even then, it's still better than Twilight, canon or not)

  1. You and your boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband (Imaginary or not)
  2. Edward Scissorhands and kim (Having sharp tools in place of hands? Definitely more monstrous then sparkling, animal blood drinking vampire)
  3. Naegi and Kirigiri from Dangan Ronpa
  4. Jane Eyre & Edward Rochester (FAIL Meyer)
  5. Jack and Rose (Titanic)
  6. Fabrizio and Helga (Titanic)
  7. Erik and Christine (Phantom of the Opera)
  8. Raoul and Christine (Phantom of the Opera)
  9. Erik And Raoul (The Phantom of the Opera)
  10. Jack Twist and Ennis Del Mar (Brokeback Mountain) (see, THIS is how forbidden-love-against-all-odds is done.)
  11. Homer and Marge Simpson
  12. Carl and Ellie (Up)
  13. WALL-E and EVE
  14. John and Mary (Wall-E)
  15. Rhett Butler and Scarlett O'Hara
  16. Buttercup and Westley [FAIL, Meyer]
  17. Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy
  18. Anne Elliott and Capt. Frederick Wentworth
  19. Romeo and Juliet [ANOTHER FAIL, Meyer]
  20. Robin Hood and Maid Marion
  21. Tristan and Isolde
  22. King Arthur and Guinevere
  23. Lancelot and Guinevere
  24. Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe
  25. Jane Eyre and Edward Rochester
  26. Buffy and Angel
  27. Buffy and Spike
  28. Willow and Oz
  29. Willow and Tara
  30. Baucis and Philemon (mythology)
  31. Orpheus and Eurydice
  32. Perseus and Andromeda
  33. Eros and Psyche
  34. Hades and Persephone
  35. Zeus and Hera (yes, even the definition of dysfunctional family/couple beats Bedward)
  36. Kronos and Rhea (see above)
  37. Lily and James Potter (Harry Potter)
  38. Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley (Harry Potter)
  39. Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)
  40. Arthur and Molly Weasley (Harry Potter)
  41. Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks (Harry Potter)
  42. Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore and Gellert Grindelwald (Harry Potter)
  43. George Weasley and Angelina Johnson (Harry Potter)
  44. Rubeus Hagrid and Olympe Maxime (Harry Potter)
  45. Victoire Weasley and Teddy Lupin (Harry Potter)
  46. the frikken locket versions of Harry and Hermione (Harry Potter)
  47. Narcissa and Lucius Malfoy (Harry Potter)
  48. Draco Malfoy and Astoria Greengrass (Harry Potter)
  49. Andromeda and Ted Tonks (Harry Potter)
  50. Petunia and Vernon Dursley (Harry Potter)
  51. Harry Potter and Cho Chang (Harry Potter)
  52. Cho Chang and Cedric Diggory (Harry Potter)
  53. Any couple from the Harry Potter series whether fanon or canon
  54. Beauty and the Beast (any version)
  55. Eric Forman and Donna Pinciotti
  56. Jackie and Hyde
  57. Red and Kitty Forman
  58. Elvis and Annabelle
  59. Sam and Grace
  60.  Haimon and Antigone
  61. Trudy and Adrian Monk. (He was heartbroken when she died but he carried on living for her!)
  62. Leland Stottlemeyer and Karen (Monk). No suicide attempts after their divorce.
  63. Leland Stottlemeyer and TK. (Monk)
  64. Natalie Teeger and Mitch (Monk). Another sane person who didn't kill herself and tries to move on.
  65. Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour
  66. Serena and Darien aka Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask/Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion
  67. Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune
  68. Asuma Sarutobi and Kurenai Yuhi (He's dead, but she still carries on living for him and taking care of their child!)
  69. Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki
  70. Naruto and Sakura
  71. Naruto and Hinata
  72. Alfred and Alexia Ashford (It's completely twincest and somewhat psychotic on Alfred's part, but the devotion the two have for each other is a Tear Jerker.)
  73. Danny Fenton and Samantha Manson
  74. Squall Leonhart and Rinoa Heartilly
  75. Touya Kinomoto and Yukito Tsukishiro
  76. Oskar and Eli  ( Let the Right One In )
  77. Kaname Kuran and Yuuki Kuran
  78. Zero and Yuuki Cross
  79. Cecil Harvey and Rosa Joanna Farrell
  80. Oerba Yun Fang and Oerba Dia Vanille
  81. Locke Cole and Celes Chere
  82. Lyra Belacqua and Will Parry
  83. Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff
  84. Every single fairy tale couple who got a "happily ever after"
  85. Ray and Evangeline (The Princess and the Frog. It's between a firefly and a star, but c'mon, it's adorable.)
  86. Tiana and Naveen
  87. Darren Shan and Debbie Hemlock (A REAL vampire/human couple)
  88. Sousuke Sagara and Kaname Chidori
  89. Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski
  90. A.C. Slater and Jessie Espano
  91. Shrek and Princess Fiona (Shrek)
  92. Mike Newton and Jessica Stanley (These two were infinitely better than Bedward, knew when to let go, and still stayed friends without any suicide attempts)
  93. Renee and Charlie Swan (Same thing as above)
  94. Jake Sully and Neytiri (Avatar)
  95. Dorothy Gale and Scarecrow (The Wizard of Oz) (There was originally going to be a romance between them, but those scenes were cut)
  96. Firestar and Sandstorm (Warriors)
  97. Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight (Warriors)
  98. Graystripe and Silverstream (Warriors, a REAL forbidden couple)
  99. Amu and Ikuto (Shugo Chara!)
  100. Tai and Sora (Digimon)
  101. T.K. and Kari (Digimon)
  102. Rima and Nagihiko (Shugo Chara!)
  103. Zach and Aerith (Final Fantasy VII)
  104. Cress Albane and Mint Adenade (Tales of Phantasia)
  105. Chester Barklight and Arche Klein (Tales of Phantasia)
  106. Stahn Aileron and Rutee Katrea (Tales of Destiny)
  107. Reid Herschel and Farah Orstead (Tales of Eternia)
  108. Keele Zeibal and Meredy (Tales of Eternia)
  109. Lloyd and Collete (Tales of Symphonia)
  110. Kyle and Reala (Tales of Destiny 2, no suicide attempts from Kyle when HE HAD TO KILL REALA)
  111. Luke and Tear (Tales of the Abyss)
  112. Jude Mathis and Milla Maxwell (Tales of Xillia)
  113. Lionblaze and Cinderheart (Warriors, Cinderheart at least LET LIONBLAZE GO, no whining or suicide attempts either)
  114. Ash and Misty (Pokemon)
  115. Brock and Officer Jenny (Pokemon)
  116. Brock and Nurse Joy (Pokemon)
  117. Jessie and James (Pokemon)
  118. Aelita and Jeremy (Code Lyoko)
  119. Yumi and Ulrich (Code lyoko)
  120. Odd and Sam (Code Lyoko)
  121. Jim and Ms. Hertz (Code Lyoko)
  122. Aayla Secura and Kit Fisto (Star Wars)
  123. Princess Leia and Han Solo (Star Wars) ("I love you." "I know.")
  124. Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala (Star Wars) (Apart from some parts like the creepy stares, nauseating dialogue, mass-murder, the continual question of 'What Does She See In Him?' and basically whenever Anakin starts to resemble Edward Cullen in terms of creepiness)
  125. Luke and Mara (Star Wars)
  126. Cassian Andor and Jyn Erso (Star Wars) (A great couple that stays together, kicks ass together!)
  127. Chirrut Îmwe and Baze Malbus (Star Wars) ("I am one with the Force and the Force is with me")
  128. Galen and Lyra Erso (Star Wars) (They loved each other from afar, and when Lyra was killed by Director Krennic, no suicide attempts on Galen's part.)
  129. Finn and Poe Dameron (Star Wars)
  130. Finn and Rey (Star Wars)
  131. Ned and Maude Flanders (The Simpsons)
  132. Andy Stitzer and Trish (The 40-year-old virgin)
  133. Neo and Trinity (Matrix)
  134. Odysseus and Penelope
  135. George and Martha (Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?)
  136. Brick and Maggie (Cat on a Hot Tin Roof)
  137. Jeff "Joker" Moreu and EDI (Mass Effect 2)
  138. Voldemort and Quirrel (AVPM)
  139. Commander Shepard and any romancable character (Mass Effect 1, 2, and 3)
  140. Maggie and Doria (Inkdeath)
  141. Mo and Resa (Inkheart)
  142. Giroro and Natsumi (Keroro Gunso)
  143. Geoff and Bridgette (Total Drama series)
  144. Duncan and Courtney (Total Drama series)
  145. Gwen and Trent (Total Drama series)
  146. Pretty much every couple from the Total Drama Series
  147. Forest and Jenny (Forest Gump)
  148. Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson (Spiderman)
  149. Peter and Gwen Stacy
  150. Peter and Liz Allen
  151. Peter and Betty Brant
  152. Virginia and Leonard Woolf ("You have given me the greatest possible happiness. You have been in every way all that anyone could be.")
  153. Johnny Cash and June Carter
  154. Aang and Katara
  155. Zuko and Mai
  156. Sokka and Yue (Sokka didn't attempt suicide when Yue sacrificed herself to save the Northern Water Tribe. Instead, he moved on. See next point.)
  157. Sokka and Suki
  158. Spencer and Toby (PLL)
  159. Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy
  160. Goku and Chichi (DBZ)
  161. Vegeta and Bulma (DBZ)
  162. Diego "Godot" Armando and Mia Fey. (Ace Attorney)
  163. Edward "Edge" Geraldine and Rydia of Mist
  164. Edward Chris von Muir (the Spoony Bard) and Anna
  165. Chibitalia and Holy Roman Empire. (Hetalia) Sure, Holy Rome didn't actually know that Chibitalia was a boy, but he still loved him!
  166. Canada and Ukraine (Hetalia)
  167. Japan and Taiwan (Hetalia)
  168. Donnie Darko and Gretchen RossJanie Hannigan and Cabel Strumheller (Wake)
  169. Gracia and Maes Hugues (Fullmetal Alchemist)
  170. Edward Elric and Winry Rockbell (Fullmetal Alchemist)Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye (Fullmetal Alchemist) Maybe I'm cheating a bit but at least they are more interesting than Bedward.
  171. Van Hohenheim and Trisha Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist)
  172. Sig and Izumi Curtis (Fullmetal Alchemist)
  173. Quasimodo and Esmeralda (The Hunchback Of Notre Dame)
  174. Michael Tolliver and Jon Fielding (Tales of the City)
  175. DeDe Halcyon and D'orothea (Tales of the City)
  176. Amy Pond and Rory Williams (Doctor Who)
  177. Connor Temple and Abby Maitland (Primeval)
  178. Arthur and Gwen (Merlin)
  179. Tracey and Melody (Pokemon)
  180. Sora and Kairi (Kingdom Hearts)
  181. Howard Moon and Vince Noir (Mighty Boosh)
  182. Naruto and Sasuke
  183. Vegeta and Bulma (DBZ)
  184. Yamcha and Bulma (DBZ)
  185. Dave Navarro and Carmen Electra
  186. Germaine and Anchovie (Neurotically Yours)
  187. Katniss and Peeta (Hunger Games)
  188. Gale and Katniss (Hunger Games)
  189. Rory and Prim (Hunger Games)
  190. Cato and Clove (Hunger Games; there is some proof in her death scene)
  191. Crookedstar and Willowbreeze (warriors)
  192. Finnick and Annie (Hunger Games)
  193. Lily Evans and Severus Snape ("After all this time?" "Always.")
  194. Draco Malfoy and Pansy Parkinson
  195. Jenna Heap and Beetle (Septimus Heap)
  196. Septimus Heap and Syrah Syara (Septimus Heap)
  197. Snorri Snorrelson and Nicko Heap (Septimus Heap)
  198. Sarah and Silas Heap (Septimus Heap)
  199. Simon Heap and Lucy Gringe (Septimus Heap)
  200. Glimmer and Marvel (we don't exactly know could have been hunger games)
  201. Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers
  202. Hell, Ramona and any of her seven evil exes
  203. Scott and Kim
  204. Scott and Envy
  205. Scott and Knives
  206.  Yuna and Tidus (FF X)
  207. Ganta and Shiro (Deadman Wonderland)
  208. Ranma and Akane (Ranma 1/2)
  209. Every Romance option in Dragon Age and Dragon Age 2
  210. Ser Wesley Vallen and Aveline (Dragon Age 2) No suicide after Wesley's death
  211. Jim Raynor and Sara Kerrigan
  212. Johnny and Lisa (The Room) (yeah, seriously)
  213. Mark and Lisa (The Room)
  214. Elliot Stabler and Olivia Benson (Law and Order: Special Victims Unit)
  215. Cosmo and Wanda
  216. Mr. and Mrs. Turner
  217. Timmy and Tootie
  218. Timmy and Trixie
  219. Zoey and Erik (House of Night)
  220.  Zoey and Heath (House of Night)
  221. Zoey and Loren (House of Night)
  222. Zoey and Stark (House of Night)
  223. Damien and Jack (House of Night)
  224. Aphrodite and Erik (House of Night)
  225. Aphrodite and Darius (House of Night)
  226. Stevie Rae and Rephaim (House of Night)
  227. Yuri and Kail
  228. Guilt-na-Zan and Tonae
  229. Guilt-na-Zan and Vincent
  230. Tonae and Vincent
  231. Keita and Kazuki
  232. Keita and Naruse
  233. Omi and Kaoru
  234. Fry and Leela
  235. Kostya Treplyev and Nina (The Seagull)
  236. John Bender and Claire Standish
  237. Allison Reynolds and Andrew Clark
  238. Hugo and Dante
  239. John and Alicia Nash (A Beautiful Mind)
  240. Dune and Shizuka
  241. Jack O'Neill and Samantha Carter
  242. Ben Grimm and Alicia Masters
  243. Reed Richards and Sue Storm
  244. Urara Ozu (MagiBlue) and Hikaru (MagiShine) (Mahou Sentai Magiranger)
  245. Masaki and Isshin Kurosaki (from Bleach). He didn't kill himself when his beloved died.
  246. Freddie and Sam
  247. Freddie and Carly
  248. The Doctor and Rose Tyler
  249. The Doctor and River Song
  250. Jane Bennet and Mr. Bingley
  251. Bob and Helen Parr
  252. Emma Woodhouse and Mr. George Knightley
  253. Elinor Dashwood and Edward Ferrars
  254. Marianne Dashwood and Col. Brandon
  255. Bathsheba Everdene and Gabriel Oak
  256. Mia Thermopolis and Michael Moscovitz
  257. Ariel and Eric (The Little Mermaid)
  258. Rapunzel and Flynn (Tangled)
  259. Aladdin and Jasmine (Aladdin)
  260. Belle and the Beast (Beauty and the Beast)
  261.  Mulan and Captain Li Shang (Mulan)
  262.  Cinderella and the Prince (Disney)
  263. Snow White and the Prince (Disney)
  264. Aurora and Phillip (Disney)
  265. Giselle and Edward (Enchanted)
  266. Giselle and Robert (Emchanted)
  267. Nancy and Robert (Enchanted)
  268. Nancy and Edward (Enchanted)
  269. Simba and Nala (The Lion King)
  270. Mufasa and Sarabi (The Lion King)
  271. Woody and Bo Peep (Toy Story)
  272. Buzz Lightyear and Jessie (Toy Story)
  273. Mr and Mrs Potato-Head (Toy Story)
  274. Barbie and Ken
  275. All the couples from the Barbie movies
  276. Anya and Dmitri (Anastasia)
  277. Thumbelina and Prince Cornelius
  278. Adam and Emma (No Strings Attached)
  279. Jaime and Dylan (Friends with Benefits)
  280. Nathan and Haley (One Tree Hill)
  281. Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf
  282. Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann
  283. Phillip and Syrena
  284. Jack Sparrow and Angelica
  285. Tony and Maria
  286. Anita and Bernardo
  287. Sarah Brown and Sky Masterson (Guys and Dolls)
  288. Nathan Detroit and Miss Adelaide (Guys and Dolls)
  289. J. Pierrepont Finch and Rosemary (How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying)
  290. Elder Cunningham and Nabulungi (Book of Mormon)
  291. Fiyero and Elphaba (Wicked)
  292. Fiyero and Galinda (Wicked)
  293. Boq and Galinda (Wicked)
  294. Boq and Nessarose (Wicked; finally, someone nicknamed "Nessie" we actually enjoy!)
  295. Tracy Turnblad and Link Larkin
  296. Seaweed and Penny
  297. Edna and Wilbur Turnblad
  298. Usnavi and Vanessa (In The Heights)
  299. Nina and Benny (In The Heights)
  300. Melchior and Wendla (Spring Awakening)
  301. Harold Hill and Marian Paroo (The Music Man)
  302. Tarzan and Jane
  303. Hercules and Meg (Disney version)
  304. Clark Kent/Superman and Lois Lane
  305. Joan and Roger Sterling (Mad Men)
  306. Peggy and Pete Campbell (Mad Men)
  307. Pete and Trudy Campbell (Mad Men)
  308. Dr. Frankenstein and Inga (Young Frankenstein)
  309. Elizabeth and the Monster (Young Frankenstein)
  310. Eva and Juan Peron (Evita)
  311. Shakespeare and Viola (Shakespeare in Love)
  312. Truman and Sylvia (The Truman Show)
  313. Amelie and Nino (Amelie)
  314. Sakura and Syaoran (Card Captor Sakura)
  315. Kagome and InuYasha (InuYasha)
  316. Jim and Pam (The Office)
  317. Tim and Dawn (The Office UK)
  318. Michael and Holly (The Office)
  319. Andy and Erin (The Office)
  320. Phyllis and Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration (The Office)
  321. Jeff and Annie (Community)
  322. Tevye and Golde (Fiddler on the Roof)
  323. Tzeitel and Motel (Fiddler on the Roof)
  324. Hodel and Perchik (Fiddler on the Roof)
  325. Chava and Fyedka (Fiddler on the Roof)
  326. Lady and The Tramp
  327. Benedick and Beatrice (Much Ado About Nothing)
  328. Oberon and Titiana (Midsummer's Night Dream)
  329. Helena and Demetrius (Midsummer's Night Dream)
  330. Hermia and Lysander (Midsummer's Night Dream)
  331. Leslie and Ben (Parks and Recreation)
  332. Andy and April (Parks and Recreation)
  333. Tommy and Kimberly (Power Rangers)
  334. Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa (Power Rangers)
  335. Andros and Ashley (Power Rangers In Space)
  336. Jen and Alex (Power Rangers: Time Force) [when she witnesses him dying, she doesn't kill herself! She follows Ransik back time for revenge! But she moves on… (see following point)]
  337. Jen and Wes (Power Rangers: Time Force)
  338. Nick and Nora Charles
  339. Phineas and Isabella
  340. Ferb and Vanessa
  341. Candace and Jeremy
  342. Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher
  343. Andrew and Sam (Garden State)
  344. Tom and Summer (500 Days of Summer)
  345. Tom and Autumn
  346. Dom and Mal (Inception)
  347. Alvy Singer and Annie Hall
  348. Oliver and Jenny (Love Story)
  349. Fanny Brice and Nick Arnstein
  350. Frank and Rachel (The Bodyguard)
  351. Ruffy and Nami (One Piece)
  352. Byakuya and Hisana (Bleach)
  353. Setsuna and Sara (Angel Sanctuary)
  354. Kira Yamato and Lacus Clyne (Gundam Seed)
  355. Athrun Zala and Cagalli Yula Atha (Gundam Seed)
  356. Freder and Maria (Metropolis 1927)
  357. Mireille Bouquet and Kirika Yuumura (Noir)
  358. Nadie and Ellis (El Cazador de la Bruja)
  359. Van and Hitomi (Vision of Escaflown)
  360. Shinji and Asuka (NGE)
  361. Kaji and Misato (NGE)
  362. Ben and May Parker (Spider-Man's uncle and aunt)
  363. Watanabe and Midori (Norwegen Wood)
  364. Ross Poldark and Demelza Carne (The Poldark Novels)
  365. George Warlegan and Elizabeth Chynoweth (The Poldark Novels)
  366. Dwight Enys and Coroline Penvenan (The Poldark Novels)
  367. Jim Carter and Jinny Martin (The Poldark Novels)
  368. Music Thomas and Katie Carter (ThePoldark Novels)
  369. Captain Andrew Blamey and Verity Poldark (The Poldark Novels)... I got a bit carried away but I'm a big fan..
  370. Captain Jack Harkness and Ianto Jones
  371. Mary Boleyn and William Stafford (The Tudors/The Other Boleyn Girl)
  372. Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn (actual history)
  373. Henry VIII and Katherine of Aragon (actual history)
  374. Henry VIII and Katherine Howard (actual history)
  375. Henry VIII and Jane Seymour (actual history)
  376. Max DeWinter and Mrs DeWinter
  377. Lan and Nyneave (The Wheel of Time)
  378. Jo March and Fredrick Bhaer (Little Women)
  379. Chihiro and Haku (Spirited Away)
  380. Boycie and Marlene (Only Fools and Horses)
  381. Shaun and Liz (Shaun of the Dead)
  382. Doki and Nabi (There she is)
  383. Mhenlo and Cynn (Guild Wars)
  384. Keiran Thackeray and Gwen (Guild Wars)
  385. His Lordship Robert and and Lady Cora (Downton Abbey)
  386. Anna and John (Downton Abbey)
  387. Matthew and Mary (Downton Abbey)
  388. Seeley Booth and Temperance Brennan (Bones)
  389. Angela and Hodgins (Bones)
  390. Edward Buck and Veronica Dare (Halo)
  391. Mulder and Scully
  392. Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler (The Big Bang Theory)
  393. Howard Wolowitz and Bernadette Rostenkowski
  394. Leonard Hofstadter and Penny
  395. Chloe and Morris O'Brian (24)
  396. Zero Kiryu and Yuki Cross (Vampire Knight)
  397. Psaro and Rose (Dragon Quest IV)
  398. V Hero and Bianca (Dragon Quest V)
  399. Marth and Sheeda (Fire Emblem)
  400. Jack Bauer and Renee Walker (24)
  401. Bill Adama and Laura Roslin (Battlestar Galactica 2003)
  402. Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese (The Terminator)
  403. Peter and Lois Griffin (Family Guy)
  404. Brittany and Santana (Glee)
  405. Raito/Light Yagami and Misa Amane (Death Note. At least it was more engaging to watch)
  406. Rin Asogi and Mimi (Daughters of Mnemosyne)
  407. Naomi Armitage and Ross Sylibus (Armitage)
  408. Sheridan and Delenn (Babylon 5)
  409. Wataru Kurenai and Mio Suzuki (Kamen Rider Kiva)
  410. Otoya Kurenai and Maya (Kamen Rider Kiva)
  411. Airi Nogami and Yuto Sakurai (Kamen Rider Den-O)
  412. Bridget Jones and Mark Darcy
  413. Gwen Cooper and Rhys Williams (Torchwood)
  414. Kara "Starbuck" Thrace and Sam Anders (Battlestar Galactica, reboot)
  415. Dr. Gaius Baltar and Caprica-Six (Battlestar Galactica, reboot)
  416. Saul and Ellen Tigh (Battlestar Galactica, reboot)
  417. Sharon "Athena" and Karl "Helo" Agathon (Battlestar Galactica, reboot)
  418. Anastasia "Dee" Dualla and Billy Keikeya (Battlestar Galactica, reboot)
  419. Sophie Hatter and Howl Pendragon (Howl's Moving Castle)
  420. Callandra "Cally" Henderson and Galen "Chief" Tyrol (Battestar Galactica, reboot)
  421. Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson (Glee)
  422. Ciaphas Cain and Felicia Tayber
  423. Alan Humpries and Eric Slingby (Yeah, they both die, but they have a much healthier relationship than Bella and Edward)
  424. Grell Sutcliff and William T. Spears (Somewhat one-sided, extremley subtle, but still totally cannon. And inmensley entertaining)
  425. Ned and Catleyn Stark
  426. Khal Drogo and Daenerys Targaryen
  427. Zechs Merquise and Lucrezia Noin (Gundam Wing)
  428. Melanie Hamilton and Ashley Wilkes (Gone with the wind)
  429. Dr. Horrible/Billy and Penny (Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog)
  430. Maxwell Smart and Agent 99 (Get Smart)
  431. Yuri Hyuga and Alice Elliot (Shadow Hearts)
  432. Ben Hyuga and Karin Koenig (Shadow Hearts)
  433. Johnny Garland and Shania (Shadow Hearts: From the New World)
  434. Yuki and Shuichi (Gravitation)
  435. 9 and 7 (9)
  436. 9 and 5 (9)
  437. 5 and 2 (9)
  438. Hazel and Hyzenthlay (Watership Down) [Yes, even anthromorphic rabbits make a better couple than Bedward]
  439. Inuyasha and Kikyo (Inuyasha)
  440. Sango and Miroku
  441. Yusuke and Keiko (Yu Yu Hakusho)
  442. Ned Bigby and Jennifer Mosely (Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide)
  443. Ned Bigby and Suzie Crabgrass
  444. Hiei and Mukuro (Yu Yu Hakusho)
  445. Kenshin Himura and Kamiya Kaoru (Rurouni Kenshin)
  446. Sesshomaru and Kagura (Inuyasha)
  447. Link and Ilia (Twilight Princess)
  448. Link and Zelda
  449. Link and Midna
  450. Ichigo and Orihime (Bleach)
  451. Ichigo and Rukia
  452. Renji and Rukia
  453. Daredevil and Elektra
  454. Tarzan's parents (Disney's Tarzan)
  455. Jack Skellington and Sally
  456. Aragorn and Arwen
  457. Shun and Hizuru (Towa no Quon)
  458. Sweden and Finland (Hetalia)
  459. Cory and Topanga (Boy Meets World)
  460. Shawn and Angela (Bloy Meets World)
  461. Alan and Amy (Boy Meets World)
  462. George Feeney and Lila Bolander (Boy Meets World)
  463. Snow White/Mary Margaret Blanchard and Prince James'Charming/David Nolan (Once Upon a Time) [True love transends worlds and time]
  464. Emma Swan and Sheriff Graham (Once Upon a Time)
  465. Cinderella/Ashley Boyd and Prince Thomas/Sean Herman (Once Upon a Time) [True love always find a way to be back together]
  466. Belle and Rumpelstilskin/Mr.Gold (Once Upon a Time)
  467. Peter and Red Riding Hood/Ruby (Once Upon a Time) [a tragic end because one of them was the Big Bad Wolf and didn't know it, but it shows what really happens when a human dates a mythological creature]
  468. Rick Castle and Kate Beckett (Castle)
  469. Percy and Annabeth (Percy Jackson and the Olympians) [It took them nearly four years to get together after several adventures (and many fights), not in one book and less then ten conversations (and no conflict at all)
  470. Altaïr ibn La'Ahad and Maria Thorpe (Assassin's Creed) [She dies, but he still manages to carry out their work]
  471. Ezio Auditore and Cristina Vespucci (Assassin's Creed) [She doesn't leave her life behind when he becomes an assassin, despite loving him. He lets her go when he later finds out she's about to marry another. He is able to move on after watching her die in his arms and tell him she never stopped loving him!]
  472. Ezio Auditore and Sofia Sartor
  473. Sam Temple and Astrid Ellison (Gone Series)
  474. Helen Magnus and John Druitt (Sanctuary). Magnus was sane enough to leave when she realised Druitt was a killer.
  475. Nathan and Marni Wallace (Repo! The Genetic Opera)
  476. Charles Montgomery Burns and Waylon Smithers. It's one-sided and masochistic but at least it's more interesting to watch than Bedward.
  477. The Joker and Harley Quinn
  478. Catwoman and Batman
  479. Any relationship that involves Batman
  480. Sarah Williams and Jareth the Goblin King
  481. Finn and Sage (The Vampire Diaries)
  482. Nick Knight and Natalie Lambert (Forever Knight)
  483. Jamal and Latika (Slumdog Millionnaire)
  484. Selene and Michael Corvin (Underworld)
  485. Jax Pavan and Laranth Tarak (Star Wars: Coruscant Nights)
  486. Tholme and T'ra Saa (Star Wars: Republic)
  487. Quinlan Vos and Khaleen Hentz (Star Wars: Republic)
  488. Sonja and Lucian (Underworld)
  489. Dr. Emil Hamilton and Tess Mercer (Smallville)
  490. Bumblestripe and Ivypool (Warriors)
  491. Jayfeather and Half Moon (Warriors)
  492. Chell and Wheatley (Portal)
  493. Toklo and Lusa (Seekers)
  494. Soren and Gylfie (Guardians of Ga'Hoole)
  495. Alistair and Morrigan (Dragon Age) way more entertaining to watch
  496. Caspian and Lilliandil (Narnia)
  497. Siegfried and Odette (Swan Lake)
  498. Lise and Colas (La Fille mal Gardee)
  499. Albrecht and Giselle (Giselle)
  500. Solor and Nikiya (La Bayadere)
  501. Raymonda and Jean de Brienne (Raymonda)
  502. Lisa Simpson and Colin (The Simpsons Movie)
  503. William Wallace and Murron McClannough (Braveheart)
  504. Danielle and Henry (Ever After)
  505. Marius and Cosette (Les Miserables)
  506. Bruce Banner and Betty Ross [Now, THIS is Forbidden Love]
  507. Freaking peanut butter and jelly (Anywhere)
  508. Braces and Teeth
  509. Jayfeather and his stick
  510. Jonny and Plank
  511. Dovewing and Tigerheart
  512. Delly Cartwright and Peeta Mellark
  513. Lavender Brown and Parvati Patil
  514. Lyra and Bon- Bon (best friends, riiiight)
  515. Derpy Hooves and Doctor Hooves
  516. Foxface and Clove
  517. Az and Maddy (Uglies) They didn't care about each other's looks.
  518. Spyro the Dragon and Cynder (Legend of Spyro)
  519. Zoey and Ellis (Left 4 Dead)
  520. Rochelle and Francis (Left 4 Dead)
  521. Tamama and Keroro (Sgt. Frog)
  522. Dororo and Koyuki (Sgt. Frog)
  523. Koyuki and Natsumi (Sgt. Frog)
  524. Fuyuki and Momoko (Sgt. Frog)
  525. Shining Armor and Princess Cadence
  526. Robin and Starfire
  527. Beast Boy and Terra
  528. Kid Flash and Jinx
  529. Cyborg and Serasim
  530. Cyborg and Sarah Simms
  531. Garth and Tula
  532. Speedy and Cheshire
  533. Mas and Menos (Okay, they're brothers, but still!)
  534. Cat and Lazer pointer
  535. Chips and dip
  536. Sam and Max (Sam and Max: Freelance Police)
  537. Sybil Pandemic and the Lincoln monument's head (Sam and Max: Freelance Police)
  538. Strong Mad and The Cheat
  539. Homestar and Marzipan
  540. The King of Town and Food
  541. Sonic and Amy (Sonic the Hedgehog)
  542. Silver and Blaze (Sonic the Hedgehog)
  543. Shadow and Maria Robotnik (Sonic The Hedgehog)
  544. Any Sonic the Hedgehog couple (Except Sonic and Elise; that's just Bella and Pedowulf all over again!)
  545. Mario and Princess Peach (Super Mario)
  546. For that matter, Bowser and Princess Peach! (Super Mario)
  547. Luigi and Princess Daisy (Super Mario)
  548. Maru and Boxes
  549. Red Spy and Blue Scout's Mother (Team Fortress 2)
  550. SAXTON HALE and the announcer (Team Fortress 2)
  551. Heavy Weapons Guy and The Medic (Team Fortress 2)
  552. Blue Soldier and Red Demoman (Team Fortress 2)
  553. Heavy Weapons Guy and the "Sandvich" (Team Fortress 2)
  554. Marshall/Lily (How I Met Your Mother. See: Marshmallow/Lilypad!)
  555. Barney/Robin (How I Met Your Mother)
  556. Ted/Robin (How I Met Your Mother)
  557. Ted/The Mother (How I Met Your Mother)
  558. Gaston Lagaffe and Miss Jeanne
  559. Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney (admit it, it's canon)
  560. Draculaura and Clawd (Monster High)
  561. Lagoona Blue and Gil (Monster High)
  562. Cleo and Deuce (Monster High)
  563. Ghoulia and Slow-Moe (Monster High)
  564. Frankie and Holt (Monster High)
  565. Frankie and Jackson (Monster High; yes, we realize that Holt and Jackson are the same person)
  566. Daisy and Benjamin (The curious case of Benjamin Button)
  567. Mimi and Roger (RENT)
  568. Marureen and Joanne (RENT)
  569. Marureen and Mark (RENT)
  570. Angel and Collins (RENT)
  571. Korra and Mako (The Legend of Korra)
  572. Tenzin and Lin (The Legend of Korra)
  573. Tenzin and Pema (The Legend of Korra)
  574. Asami and Mako (The Legend of Korra; They broke up but still care about each other and have remained friends)
  575. The Doctor and The Tardis
  576. Clyde Langer and Rani Chander (The Sarah Jane Adventures)
  577. Luke Smith and Maria Jackson (The Sarah Jane Adventures)
  578. Vash and Meryl Stryfe (Trigun)
  579. Hana and Rain (Fear Effect)
  580. Guts and pre-Eclipse Caska (Berserk)
  581. Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn (Batman)
  582. Terry McGinnis and Dana Tan (Batman Beyond)
  583. Mérida's parents (Brave)
  584. Helena Bertinelli/Huntress and Victor Sage/The Question (JLU)
  585. Bruce Wayne/Batman and Diana/Wonder Woman (JLU)
  586. Dinah Lance/Black Canary and Oliver Queen/Green Arrow (JLU)
  587. Shayera Hol/Hawkgirl and John Stewart/Green Lantern (JLU)
  588. Hawkeye/Black Widow (The Avengers)
  589. Sif/Thor (Thor)
  590. Jane/Thor (Thor)
  591. Goliath/Demona (Gargoyles)
  592. Goliath/Elisa Maza (Gargoyles)
  593. Fox/Xanatos (Gargoyles)
  594. Broadway/Angela (Gargoyles)
  595. Bastian's parents (The NeverEnding Story) She's dead and he didn't kill himself
  596. Urgl and Engywuck (The NeverEnding Story)
  597. Jane Lane and Tom Sloane (Daria)
  598. Daria Morgendorffer and Tom Sloane (Daria)
  599. Kevin and Brittany (Daria)
  600. Mack Mackenzie and Jodie Landon (Daria)
  601. Ninten and Ana (MOTHER 1/Earthbound Zero)
  602. Gomez and Morticia Addams
  603. Wednesday Addams and Luke Beineke (from the Addams Family musical)
  604. Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett
  605. Benjamin and Lucy Barker
  606. Anthony Hope and Johanna Barker
  607. Miku and Kaito (VOCALOID)
  608. Gakupo and Luka (VOCALOID)
  609. Len and Neru (VOCALOID)
  610. Rin and Nero (VOCALOID)Piko and Miki (VOCALOID)
  611. VY1 Mizki and VY2 Yuma (VOCALOID) They're GENDERLESS!!!
  612. Ichigo and Rukia (Bleach)
  613. Ulquiorra and Orihime (Bleach)
  614. David and Elise (Adjustment Bureau)
  615. Sakai Yuji and Shana (Shakugan no Shana)
  616. Katerina Petrova/Katherine Pierce and Elijah Mikaelson(Vampire Diaries)
  617. Katerina Petrova/Katherine Pierce and Klaus Mikaelson(Vampire Diaries)
  618. Katerina Petrova/Katherine Pierce and Stefan Salvatore(Vampire Diaries)
  619. Katerina Petrova/Katherine Pierce and Trevor(Vampire Diaries)
  620. Katerina Petrova/Katherine Pierce and Mason Lockwood(Vampire Diaries)
  621. Anna and Jeremy Gilbert(Vampire Diaries)
  622. Cleo Sertori and Lewis McCartney (H2O: Just Add Water)
  623. Emma Gilbert and Ash Dove (H2O: Just Add Water)
  624. Rikki Chadwick and Zane Bennett (H2O: Just Add Water)
  625. Isabella Hartley and Will Benjamin (H2O: Just Add Water)
  626. Ciel Phantomhive and Elizabeth Midford (Black Butler)
  627. Hawke and any love interest (Dragon Age 2)
  628. Isabela and Fenris (Dragon Age 2)
  629. Kovu and Kiara (Lion King 2) THIS is how you do forbidden love, Smeyer!
  630. Dean Winchester and Castiel (Supernatural) (Okay, it's not TECHNICALLY canon yet, but even the writers have confirmed that it's there)
  631. Lief and Jasmine (The Deltora series)
  632. Barda and Lindal of Broome (The Deltora series)
  633. Jared and Anna (The Deltora series)
  634. King Endon and Queen Sharn (The Deltora series)
  635. Aveline and Donnic (Dragon Age 2) Also worth mentioning that the former's first husband had to be mercy killed.
  636. Leandra and Malcolm Hawke (Dragon Age 2) Malcolm dies, Leandra carries on.
  637. Tony Stark and Pepper Potts (Iron Man)
  638. Maeve and Aiden (Mark of the Succubus)
  639. Harry Dresden and Susan Rodriguez (The Dresden Files) Susan leaves, Harry carries on.
  640. Michael and Charity Carpenter (The Dresden Files)
  641. Thomas Raith and Justine (The Dresden Files)
  642. North Italy/Veniciano and Germany (Hetalia)
  643. America and Britain (Hetalia)
  644. South Italy/Romano and Spain (Hetalia)
  645. Austria and Hungary (Hetalia) Even after they split, they carry on
  646. Battler Ushiromiya and Beatrice (Umineko) Fo yay beats Bedward!
  647. George Ushiromiya and Shannon (Umineko)
  648. Jessica Ushiromiya and Kanon (Umineko)
  649. Krauss and Natsuhi Ushiromiya (Umineko)
  650. Rudolf and Kyrie Ushiromiya (Umineko)
  651. Hideyoshi and Eva Ushiromiya (Umineko)
  652. Bernkastel and Lambadelta (Umineko)
  653. Junpei Iori and Chidori (Persona 3)
  654. Protagonist and any love interest (Persona 3 and 4)
  655. The Monk and the Fox (The Sandman: The Dream Hunters)
  656. Akira and any love interest (Togainu no Chi) Yes, even the twisted ones like Shiki
  657. Phoebus and Esmerelda (Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame)
  658. Hiccup and Astrid (How to Train Your Dragon)
  659. Megamind and Roxanne Richie (Megamind)
  660. Woody and Bo Peep (Toy Story)
  661. Mike Wazowski and Celia (Monsters, Inc.)
  662. John and Mary Winchester (Supernatural)
  663. Bo and Dyson (Lost Girl)
  664. Bo and Lauren (Lost Girl)
  665. Bo and Ryan (Lost Girl)
  666. Dyson and Kiara (Lost Girl)
  667. Lauren and Nadia (Lost Girl)
  668. Kenzi and Nate (Lost Girl)
  669. Kenzi and Hale (Lost Girl) We're just waiting for them to admit it
  670. Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter (Captain America: The First Avenger)
  671. Hikoboshi and Orihime (The Tanabata legend; I'd like to see Edward and Bella survive only seeing each other once a year.)
  672. Hazuki and Kouhei (MoonPhase)
  673. Tamaki Suoh and Haruhi Fujioka (Ouran HighSchool Host Club)
  674. Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin (Ouran HighSchool Host Club)
  675. Bob and Martha Crachit (A Christmas Carol)
  676. Yukiteru Amano and Yuno Gasai (Mirai Nikki)
  677. Marco Ikusabe and Ai Mikami (Mirai Nikki)
  678. Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable (These two have known eachother since they were in preschool! Top that SMeyer!)
  679. Roger and Jessica Rabbit (Who Framed Roger Rabbit?)
  680. Bryce and Eleanor Cousland (Dragon Age: Origins) The only reason they die together is because Eleanor stays behind to buy more time for one of her children to escape.
  681. Count Bleck/Lord Blumiere and Tippi/Lady Timpani (Super Paper Mario) "I love you, Timpani. A thousand years from now this fact will not have changed." This beats "and so the lion fell in love with the lamb" on so many levels.
  682. Anju and Kafei (The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask) She waits as the world's ending for him, he frantically searches for their world's equivalent of a wedding ring (while in a child's form, btw), then they stay together to face the end of the world. THAT is love.
  683. Zidane and Garnet/Dagger (Final Fantasy IX) Garnet/Dagger still carries on with her duties even when she isn't sure if Zidane will return.
  684. Moses and Tzipporah (The Prince of Egypt) She only loves him back when he deflates his head and stays with him when times are hard.
  685. Danny and Sawyer (Cats Don't Dance; He brings out the best of her, which any romantic partner should do.)
  686. The King and Queen (Tangled) No words exchanged, but you know exactly how they feel.
  687. Rose and Dmitri (Vampire Academy)
  688. Lissa and Christian (Vampire Academy)
  689. Haru Glory and Elie (Rave Master) When the latter has to choose between letting the world be destroyed or letting the man she loves die, she does the more selfless thing. Granted she was torn up about it, but that's understandable.
  690. Hamrio Musica and Reina (Rave Master) Yeah, even the couple who were first enemies and just realized that they may have feelings for each other before the latter dies are better than Bedward.
  691. Musica and Melodia (Rave Master) Also worth mentioning that they broke up, but are still friendly towards each other.
  692. Cattleya Glory and Shuda (Rave Master)
  693. Let and Julia (Rave Master)
  694. Gale and Sakura Glory (Rave Master)
  695. Go and Rosa (Rave Master)
  696. Charlie Brewster and Amy Patterson (Fright Night; both the original and the remake)
  697. Charlie Brewster and Alex Young (Fright Night II;The latter makes the former work to mend their relationship when he screws up. Also when he calls her out on dismissing his interests, she makes an effort to better understand them.)
  698. Peter Vincent and Ginger (Fright Night remake; Her death is part of the reason he stops being a coward near the climax.)
  699. Raven Madison and Alexander Sterling (Vampire Kisses; She maintains her independence even in a relationship, which he respects.)
  700. Ponyo and Sosuke [This is how forbidden love is made]
  701. Karkat Vantas and Terezi Pyrope (Homestuck) A genuinely sweet relationship between an aspiring teenage lawyer who was overly flirty and hung her stuffed animals and a shouting, swearing, prone-to-headaches teenager who led a death mission with all his friends. When Terezi dumped him for Dave (a jerk) Karkat did not stalk her and commit suicide. Admittedly he was depressed, but it had been a long and AWESOME relationship, so he wouldn't be? Quote, "You want her in every quadrant like a desperate fool."
  702. Vriska Serket and John Egbert (Homestuck) She admitted to him that she killed her on and off boyfriend. That is how you do a dangerous-killer relationship.
  703. Nepeta Leijon and Equius Zahhak (Homestuck) Not techincally red but whatever. He went down protecting her, she went down avenging him.
  704. Loki and That Giant Who Wanted To Marry Freyja (Norse mythology) You can feel another Loki pregnancy coming on. Slepinir, anyone?
  705. Vastra and Jenny (Doctor Who)
  706. Shuya Nanahara and Noriko Nakagawa (Battle Royale)
  707. Uncas and Alice(The Last of the Mohicans)
  708. Hawkeye/Nathaniel and Cora(The Last of the Mohicans)
  709. Sawyer and Juliet(LOST)
  710. Shannon and Sayid(LOST)
  711. Jack and Kate(LOST)
  712. Snow white and Eric (Snow White and the Huntsman)
  713. Satine and Christian (Moulin Rouge)
  714. Kate and Garrett (Twilight)
  715. Rosalie and Emmett (Twilight)
  716. Victor (AKA Mr.Freeze) and Nora. (Any Batman incarnation after TAS. Yes, even Batman and Robin)
  717. Marin Asagi and Melan Blue (Brigadoon: Marin & Melan)
  718. Fox McCloud and Krystal (Star Fox, with the possible exception of Star Fox Command, where she acts a tad bit like Bella)
  719. R and Julie (Warm Bodies) A walking corpse is more romantic than Edward.
  720. Paul and Helen (The Historian)
  721. The narrator and Barley (The Historian)
  722. Lithuania and Russia (Hetalia) Well...
  723. Claudio and Hero (Much Ado About Nothing)
  724. Macbeth and Lady Macbeth
  725. Joanna and Anthony (Sweeny Todd)
  726. Benjamin and Lucy Barker (Sweeny Todd)
  727. Michael & Apollonia (The Godfather)
  728. Connie & Carlo (The Godfather)
  729. Sarah & Kyle (The Terminator)
  730. John-117/Master Chief & Cortana (Halo) (One of the key themes of Halo 4 is that “nothing lasts forever” and this is explored through Cortana coming to terms with the fact that John is not always not going to be around to protect her as she descends deeper into insanity while Chief realizes that no matter how hard he tries, there is nothing that he can do to prevent the death of his life-long partner and the only thing that kept his sanity intact. The ending of Halo 4 implies that at the very core of his character, John-117 is ultimately a lonely, broken man who has known nothing but war for whole life and is unable connect with anybody who isn't an AI.)
  731. Ben & Amber (The Running Man)
  732. Xenomorph & Yautja (AVP)
  733. Alexa & Scar (AVP)
  734. Tony & Elvira (Scarface)
  735. Manolo & Gina (Scarface)
  736. Tony & Poppy (Scarface)
  737. Guino & Francesca (Scarface)
  738. Elizabeth & Charlie (Prometheus)
  739. James & Tracy (James Bond) 
  740. Damon Francesco Salvatore & Bonnie Isabelle Mccullough (Vampire Diaries novels)
  741. Wiress and Beetee (Hunger Games)
  742. Faramir and Eowyn (The Lord of the Rings)
  743. Samwise Gamgee and Rosie Cotton (The Lord of the Rings)
  744. Superboy/Conner Kent and Miss Martian/M'gann M'orzz (Young Justice)
  745. Kid Flash/Wally West and Artemis Crock (Young Justice)
  746. Paula Nguyen and Lawrence Crock/Sportsmaster (Young Justice). She dated a toxic guy but unlike Bella, she grew out of it.
  747. Shiki Tohno and Arcueid Brunestud (Tsukihime)
  748. Shirou Emiya and Saber/Arturia Pendragon (Fate/stay night) When Saber disappeared back to her era and died, Shirou did not go crazy and kill himself, nor did he use a girl as a rebound; he lived his life in honor of Saber's memory, relentless in his belief that he'd find her again. It took decades of Shirou searching and centuries of Saber waiting until they were joyously reunited in the afterlife. This is true love right here, folks.
  749. Stefan Antonio Salvatore and Elena Marie Gilbert (Vampire Diaries novels)
  750. William Wallace and Murron Macclannough (Braveheart)
  751. Enjolras and Grantaire (Les Mis)
  752. Marius and Cosette (Les Mis)
  753. Marius and Eponine (Les Mis)
  754. Eponine and Enjolras (Les Mis)
  755. Derbi Azar and Vonde Cayle
  756. Danny and Lacey (Twisted)
  757. Danny and Jo (Twisted)
  758. Rico and Jo (Twisted)
  759. Kai and Gerda (The Snow Queen)
  760. Briareos and Deunan (Appleseed)
  761. Princess Cadance and Shining Armor (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
  762. Mr. & Mrs. Cake (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
  763. Fluttershy and Discord (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) (Okay, it may not be canon, but it's one of the closest couples to canon as one can get)
  764. Rarity and Spike (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) (same as the above)
  765. Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry (Equestria Girls)
  766. Any couple, canon or fanon, from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and/or Equestria Girls
  767. Jude and Lucy (Across the Universe)
  768. Sadie and Jojo (Across the Universe)
  769. Sly and Carmelita (Sly Cooper). A beautiful combination of rivalry and romance is better than a relationship consisting of nothing but shallow, naive lust.
  770. Asuka Masamune and Ryo Miyakozuka (otomen)
  771. Cass and Yo-yoji (the Secret Series)
  772. Leafpool and Crowfeather (Warriors; ACTUAL forbidden love 1. Leafpool is a medicine cat so she can't have a mate and 2. they're from different Clans)
  773. Yūta Togashi and Rikka Takanashi (Chūnibyō Demo Koi ga Shitai!)
  774. Cuddles and Giggles
  775. Flippy and Flaky
  776. Handy and Petunia
  777. All HTF couples, canon or not.
  778. Kirby and Tiff, Ribbon or ChuChu
  779. Meta Knight and Galaxia?
  780. Anna and Kristoff (Frozen)
  781. Anna and Elsa (Frozen; They're sisters, but still...)
  782. Oreos and Milk
  783. Gumball and Penny (The Amazing World Of Gumball)
  784. Darwin and Carrie (The Amazing World of Gumball)
  785. Finn and Flame Princess
  786. Finn and Marceline
  787. Jake and Lady Rainicorn
  788. Marceline and The Ice King 
  789. Marceline and Princess Bubblegum 
  790. Simon (Ice King) and Betty
  791. Almost any Adventure Time Coupleno
  792. Mewtwo and Amber/Ai
  793. Simon Bellamy and Alisha Daniels (Misfits)
  794. Mr. Peabody and Sherman (it's more of a father/son relationship)
  795. Deadpool and the Fourth Wall
  796. Professor Layton and Claire (When Claire died, Layton went on with his life, unlike someone we know.)
  797. Luke and Flora
  798. Luke and Arianna
  799. Luke and Cookie
  800. Emmy and Layton
  801. Emmy and Descole
  802. Randall and Descole
  803. Chelmey and Amelie
  804. Randall and Henry
  805. Randall and Angela
  806. Randall and Layton
  807. Dimitri and Claire
  808. Dimitri and Layton
  809. Don Paolo and Layton
  810. Don Paolo and Claire
  811. Melina and Janice
  812. Melina and Descole
  813. Romilda and Julien
  814. Basically any Layton couple that isn't pedophilia or incest.
  815. Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters (The Fault in Our Stars)
  816. Kanaya Maryam and Rose Lalonde
  817. Carrie White and Tommy Ross (Carrie)
  818. Susan Snell and Tommy Ross (Carrie)
  819. Chris Hargenson and Billy Nolan (Carrie)
  820. Tyrande and Malfurion (Warcraft franchise) (add Malfurion's brother Illidan for a better love triangle)
  821. Kael'thas and Illidan, had we been told they were gay (non-canon (for now) Warcraft franchise)
  822. Jaina and Arthas (Warcraft franchise) (add Kael'thas for a better love triangle)
  823. Jaina and Kalecgos (Warcraft franchise)
  824. Kalecgos and Tyrygosa (Warcraft franchise)
  825. Kalecgos and Anveena (Warcraft franchise)
  826. Thrall and Aggra (Warcraft franchise)
  827. Thrall and Jaina (non-canon Warcraft franchise)
  828. Alexstrasza and Korialstrasz (Warcraft franchise)
  829. Alexstrasza and Tyranastrasz (Warcraft franchise)
  830. Alexstrasza and Deathwing (non-canon Warcraft franchise)
  831. Malygos and Sindragosa (Warcraft franchise)
  832. Garrosh and Zaela (non-canon Warcraft franchise)
  833. Nozdormu and Soridormi (Warcraft franchise)
  834. Deathwing and Sinestra (Warcraft franchise)
  835. Neltharaku and Karynaku (Warcraft franchise)
  836. Durotan and Draka (Warcraft franchise)
  837. Garona and Medivh (Warcraft franchise)
  838. Alleria and Turalyon (Warcraft franchise)
  839. Varian and Tiffin (Warcraft franchise)
  840. Mankrik and Olgra (a.k.a. Mankrik's wife) (Warcraft franchise)
  841. Vereesa and Rhonin (Warcraft franchise)
  842. Johnny Awesome and his trusty steed Twinkles (Warcraft franchise)
  843. Arthas and his trusty steed Invincible? (Warcraft franchise)
  844. Arthas and Sylvanas (massively non-canon Warcraft franchise)
  845. Sylvanas and Lor'themar (non-canon Warcraft franchise)
  846. Thrall and Taretha (non-canon for romance, canon for brother-sister relationship) (Warcraft franchise)
  847. Kel'thuzad and his cat Mr. Bigglesworth (Warcraft franchise)
  848. Maiev and Illidan (massively non-canon Warcraft franchise)
  849. Phoebe and Joey (Friends)
  850. Rachel and Ross (Friends)
  851. Monica and Chandler (Friends)
  852. Rachel and Joey (Friends)
  853. Phoebe and Mike Hannigan (Friends)
  854. Chandler and Rachel (Friends)
  855. Chandler and Joey (Friends
  856. Carol and Susan (Friends)
  857. Chandler and Janice (Friends) (Yes, even they (Oh. My. God.) are better than Bedward)
  858. Rachel and Tag (Friends)
  859. Jaws and Dolly (Moonraker). Even a James Bond Villain is a better boyfriend than Edward.
  860. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. They had a relationship, they broke up and they probably grew out of it.
  861. Gray Fullbuster and Juvia Lockser (Fairy tail)
  862. Erza Scarlet and Jellal Ferdenanz (Fairy Tail)
  863. Shinobu Sensui and Itsuki (Yu Yu Hakusho)
  864. Silva Zoldyck and Kikyou Zoldyck (Hunter x Hunter)
  865. Retz and Omokage (Hunter x Hunter; more of a brother-sister relationship. They both died, take that Bedward! Also; Retz betrayed and killed Omokage.)
  866. Komugi and Meruem/The Chimera Ant King (Hunter x Hunter; She's human, He's the Chimera Ant king, the royal guards didn't approve of Meruem respecting and spending time with Komugi. They both died. THAT is forbidden love!)
  867. Bob Cratchit and Mrs. Cratchit (Christmas Carol)
  868. Stanley Yelnats and 'Zero'/Hector Zeroni (Holes; non-canon for romance, canon for bromance)
  869. Aoba Seragaki and any love interest (DRAMAtical Murder; yes, even MinkxAoba/MinAo is better than Bedward)
  870. Miss Katherine Barlow/Kissin' Kate Barlow and Sam (Holes)
  871. Stanley Yelnats' parents (Holes)
  872. Jack and Wendy Torrance(The Shining; he wasn't abusive, it's the ghosts that drove him insane. Also, he's dead and she didn't kill herself.)
  873. Hisoka and Illumi (Hunter x Hunter; Come on, you know it's one-sided on Hisoka's part. Still way better than Bedward)
  874. Rosie McClendon/Daniels/Steiner and Norman Daniels (Rose Madder; she married an abusive asshole and lived with him for 14 years, but she grew out of it and found a non-abusive man instead.)
  875. Rosie McClendon/Daniels/Steiner and Bill Steiner (Rose Madder)
  876. Alluka Zoldyck and Killua Zoldyck (Non-canon for romance, canon for brother-sisterly love)
  877. Killua Zoldyck and Gon Freecss (Canon for bromance, non-canon for romance)
  878. Ponzu and Pokkle (Hunter x Hunter) (Ponzu had a little crush on Pokkle, she and him both died.)
  879. Fellow Frozen Apples member's Pikachu FC and Professor Layton (because crossover FC x Canon is better than an official abusive relationship)
  880. Haruka and Naine Seragaki (DRAMAtical Murder)
  881. Mariya and Ilya Oktyabrskaya (When he was killed in action in World War II; she doesn't go and kill herself! Instead; she literally sells all her belongings in order to buy a tank, and kill the Nazis that murdered her husband. She also is sent to the front line to be the driver of her tank 'Fighting Girlfriend')
  882. Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun.
  883. Octodad and Scarlet
  884. Fem!Aoba and Fem!Any possible love interest (Rule63!DRAMAtical Murder)
  885. Yukina and Kazuma Kuwabara (Yu Yu Hakusho)
  886. San/Princess Mononoke and Ashitaka (Princess Mononoke; these two fell in love, but they didn't control each other's lives!)
  887. Belladonna and Bungo Baggins (the Hobbit). He built her a house without expecting anything in return.
  888. Gollum/Smeagol and the One Ring. it's technically canon, even if he is obsessed with it.
  889. Manolo Sanchez and Maria Posada (Book Of Life; Manolo did everything to be with her even though he died.)
  890. La Muerte and Xibalba (Book of Life; the perfect married couple of the dead)
  891. Shinichi Kudo and Ran Mouri (Detective Conan, and Shinichi is lousy at interpersonal relationships)
  892. Heiji Hattori and Kazuha Toyama (They have a bond that's like steel!)
  893. Kaito Kuroba and Aoko Nakamori (Magic Kaito)
  894. Sheska and her books (Full Metal Alchemist)
  895. Nomi Malone/Polly Ann Costello and Molly Abrams (Showgirls; Hey, even THIS couple is waayy better than Bedward!)
  896. Giles and Jenny Calender (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) You actually care what happens to these two. Also, when Jenny dies, Giles grieves for a while and then continues with his life, which is more than Bedward ever accomplished.
  897. Ruby and Sapphire / Garnet (Steven Universe)
  898. Steven and Connie (Steven Universe)
  899. Silverbolt and Blackarachnia (Beast Wars; They started almost as sort of a Romeo and Juliet-type thing, and kept making sacrifice after sacrifice to make it work, even well into Beast Machines)
  900. Tigatron and Airazor / Tigerhawk (Beast Wars)
  901. Shinichi and Murano (Parasyte; There may have been some bumps along the road, and she definitely knew he had been hiding something from her, but in the end, none of it mattered)
  902. Fin and April (Sharknado; Sometimes it takes the weirdest weather ever to remember what you had all along)
  903. Cave Johnson and Caroline/GLaDOS (Portal)
  904. Hamburglar and his unnamed wife
  905. You and your bed on Monday mornings
  906. . Ahiru/Duck and Rue (Princess Tutu; A non-canon, yuri ship is so much better than Bedward!
  907. Toriel and Asgore
  908. Undyne and Alphys
  909. Alphys and Asgore
  910. Sans and Frisk
  911. Papyrus and Frisk
  912. Flowey and Frisk
  913. Asgore and Mettaton
  914. Mettaton and Papyrus
  915. Toriel and Sans
  916. Toriel and Papyrus
  917. Toriel and Undyne
  918. Toriel and Alphys
  919. Undyne and Asgore
  920. Undyne and Papyrus
  921. Frisk and Chara
  922. Sans and Muffet
  923. Muffet and Asgore
  924. Muffet and Mettaton
  925. Sans and his bottle of ketchup
  926. Frisk and their Stick
  927. Toriel and her snail books
  928. All Undertale Couples
  929. Nathan Drake and Elena Fischer (Uncharted)
  930. Nathan Drake and Chloe Frazer (Uncharted)
  931. Nathan Drake and Marrisa Chase (Uncharted)
  932. Rock and Revy (Black Lagoon) (Another fail by Meyer, as Revy has actually fired her gun at Rock before and yet they STILL have more genuine compatibility and care for each other than Ed-weird and Bella-sue.)
  933. Chrom and Female Robin (Fire Emblem: Awakening)
  934. Lucina and Male Robin (Fire Emblem: Awakening)
  935. Male Corrin and Azura (Fire Emblem: Fates)
  936. Pip Bernadotte and Seras Victoria
  937. Alexander and Elizabeth Hamilton (First off, Eliza married Alexander despite his lack of income or family. Second, all she wanted from him was to remain true to her and stay alive as he fought in the Revolutionary War. Third, when her husband does lose his life in 1804, she lives on for another fifty years, not only preserving her husband's name, but establishing the nation's oldest private orphanage in New York, which is still running today, raising orphaned children the way her husband never was. Yes, Alexander had cheated on her, but not only did he decide to come clean about it (rather publicly, though), but also ask for her forgiveness, which she delivers. And yes, Alexander did place his work first, but he did so for his family. Also, these two marry within a month of meeting each other, and yet still had more progression in their relationship than Bedward.)
  938. Erris and Nimira (It's set a 150 years before Twilight)
  939. Snow White and Bigby Wolf (Fables/The Wolf Among Us)
  940. Arwen and Aragorn (Lord of the Rings)
  941. Gimli and Legolas (even if its bromance its awesome because they got over their racial prejudice and became best of friends)(Lord of the Rings)
  942. Luthien and Beren (The Silmallirion, Tale of Beren and Luthien by J.R.R Tolkien )
  943. Sam and Frodo (i am not suggesting it's gay, but sam carried frodo on his back, nothing beats that, and no ways the shallow superficial love of bella edward)
  944. Galadriel and Celebron - letting the lady take rule of the land of lothlorien, a true gentleman and manly enough to not be threatened by it (Lord of the Rings)
  945. Eowyn's unrequited love for Aragorn (Lord of the Rings)
  946. Gimli and Galadriel (Galadriel changed his heart and Gimli forever honoured his lady)
  947. Fry and Leela (Fururama)
  948. Scruffy the janitor and his wash bucket (Futurama)
  949. Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin
  950. Deadshot and Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad)
  951. Finn and Po Dameron (The Force Awakens)
  952. John F. Kennedy and... well, every woman he's ever slept with (and that's a LOT)
  953. Piper and Leo (Charmed)
  954. Satoshi and Naomi (Corpse Party)
  955. Mirai and Akihito (Beyond the Boundary)
  956. Alzack and Bisca (Fairy Tail)
  957. Satoru and Saki (From the New World)

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