This is a directory of books that can cause brain damage.

" I don't think my books qualify to be Oprah books. I think you have to take on bigger issues than Vampire/Werewolf love to make her interested. I don't have any incest, adultery, spousal abuse, mental disease, molestation, anorexia, suicide, cutting, etc. Which is why I won't ever get the Printz award either. "
Stephenie Meyer on the Books which can cause brain damage

No spousal abuse?!? Mental Disease!?! Molestation?!? Suicide!?! I'm sorry Stephenie (not really), but the reason your books aren't going to win any award (besides the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award 2009 and some internet things nobody cares about) is because they are BAD.

Pages in category "Books which can cause brain damage"

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