"-We like to think of ourselves as vegetarians.
   -So your family is either confused or stupid"


In real life, vegetarianism is the choice to refrain from eating meat. It actually implies to not eat any animals at all. However "Pesco-Vegetarism" also exists, which allows to consume fish and the like, but requires to be abstinent to meat, which probably derives of some Bible passages. For instance, Catholics ought not to eat meat on Fridays of the Lenten season, whereas consuming fish is allowed. A more drastic form is veganism, which forbids the participant not only eating meat, but eating or using all other animal products, or products made out of animal products, the most famous being milk, eggs and honey, but gelatine and therefore wine gums also fall under these conditions. This ethical choice of abstinence concerns also uneatable products such as leather, and beeswax.


The Cullens refer to themselves as "vegetarian vampires" on the basis that they are sacrificing their natural food, human blood, to do the more ethical thing, specifically not kill people. Instead, they drink animal blood. This is the exact opposite of vegetarianism. This still doesn't make sense-- she could have just called them sanguivores, because that's basically what they are. Unfortunately, Meyer fails at logic. However, their activities would logically damage ecosystems and generally screw over the planet (one would also be led to believe that the feeble-minded humans would eventually notice the lack of animals in the area). Therefore the truly ethical thing would be for them to feed off of the rather excessively large twitard population. (Not rational fans, just the kind who throw bricks at people for insulting Eddiekinzz and JaKub)

Also if you look at the terminology of the word it is derived from the latin vegetus (meaning lively, which we all know animal blood doesn't make them feel) or simply from vegetable - which would both make no sense in the context. It would make some sense if they would drink "plant blood" which doesn't exist. Also the whole meaning of vegetarianism is that humans are not superior to animals other than their intelligence, which gives them the responsibility to not feed on animals.

There might as well be sober drug addicts that only sniff paint thinner or a stupid person that gets all A's on his or her report card


Many vegetarians - real vegetarians - are offended that Meyer called her sparklepires vegetarians. Many believe Meyer doesn't know the difference between vegetarianism and other diets. Those who are real vegetarians wish Meyer had called the sparklepires carnivores, because that's what they are, reguardless of species. A zebra is an herbivore, a lion is a carnivore, a vampire is a carnivore.


Still, Meyer is giving readers the wrong impression of vegetarianism. Vegetarians don't drink animal blood. Carnivores do.

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