"Holy crow!"

"Holy crow" is what Bella says instead of swearing. Since swearing is evil and immoral (but pedophilia and emotional abuse isn't), the characters say phrases such as "holy crow!", "dang flabbit!", "fiddle sticks!" and "oh chagrin!" to express their chagrined fury. Despite the fact that she uses it only around four times (instead of chagrin's 20-ish), the sheer stupidity of the phrase seems to replicate its usage.

Although not as much used as chagrin, it is present in nearly every book.

This makes the books ridiculously ripe for MST3K-ing, and also makes Meyer look like a repressed Victorian-era author who doesn't have the guts to actually swear in the books. In essence, she's no Hemingway.


Instances of "Holy Crow"

Twilight - 2 counts.

  • 'Holy crow, how did he do that?' (Him being Edward, and that being the dazzling.)
  • "Holy crow!" I shouted. "Slow down!" (Edward drives too fast because he's cool, page 181)

New Moon - 1 count.

  • Holy crow, I knew exactly what was going on with Jacob. (She thinks he's in a cult.)

Breaking Dawn - 1 count.

  • "Holy crow, you can hear him!" Bella shouted. (On finding out her vampire husband can hear the thoughts of their demonic spawn.)

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