Just a list of nicknames by users of this very wiki or from other popular channels/people on the internet#Cock Tease

  1. Ms. Brain Dead
  2. Mary Sue
  3. Emo Bitch
  4. Meyer's Self Insert
  5. Smella
  6. Bellatard
  7. Dumbass in Distress (Nostalgia Critic's #1 in this category)
  8. Stephenie Meyer
  9. Bella Sue
  10. Moaning Bella
  11. Isabella Marie Sue Swan
  12. Bellidiot
  13. The Annoying Thing
  14. Isabitcha (from Reasoning with Vampires)
  15. Isabummer (from Reasoning with Vampires)
  16. Fish Face (from Screen Junkie's honest trailer of the franchise)
  17. Dead Eyes (from Screen Junkie's honest trailer of the franchise)
  18. Just-Smelled-Poop-Face (from Screen Junkie's honest trailer of the franchise)
  19. Shmoola 
  20. Isashitta Swan
  21. Buckteeth
  23. Akai Dalia
  24. Rosechu
  25. Ugly Duckling
  26. That bitch from Phoenix, Arizona
  27. Stupid Bitch
  28. Emo Moron
  29. Ms. I-can't-do-anything-without-my-hubby
  30. Isabella Meyer
  31. Bitchella
  32. Deadweight
  33. Suella
  34. StinkerBella
  35. Deadpan McGee (from the Blockbuster Buster)
  36. Sociopath
  37. Salmonella
  38. Is a bell a swan?
  39. Plainella (Because she is soooo plain!Xd)
  40. Fragile Little Human
  41. Weak fuck
  42. Prissy Izzy

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