Sam Uley was the first alpha of the Quileute wolves and is now the alpha of one half of them, with Jacob leading the other half. Other than this, he is
Sam uley

Sam Uley, just as shirtless as the rest.

most notable for his twisted relationship with Emily Young. In brief, he was in love with her cousin Leah, until he developed an obsession twu wuv with Emily in a process the werewolves call 'imprinting', because 'sick fixation' doesn't sound romantic enough. When Emily rejected him for callously abandoning her cousin, he snapped and almost tore off her entire face. This is presented as terribly abusive romantic - romantic enough that Emily was afraid of fell in love with him and betrayed her own cousin/sister-figure despite any family/friend loyalties they should have had for it, at least - and indicative of his deep obssessively abusive devotion.

Jacob later broke off of Sam's pack along with Seth and Leah. He did this because Sam wanted to kill Bella because she was pregnant with a half-

Angry wolf

Sam Uley, 0.3 seconds before he tears off your face. It's your fault for not loving him.

human half-vampire Demonspawn "baby" and he thought it could pose a threat to humanity. He also decided that they would have to kill the Culllens to get to her(Yay!). Unfortunately, because Jacob, Leah, and Seth left his pack he was unable to redeem himself for his abusive behavior by saving the world from impossibaby Renessme, Bella, and the Cullens(Damn it!).

Since Jacob's pack broke off from Sam's pack, the duo have been engaging in diplomatic discussion to enable them to co-exist peacefully. Since both Sam and Jacob are happy in their respective abusive relationships, and gay people do not exist in Meyer's head, this is probably not a euphemism for hot werewolf buttsex.

Antis are united in their desire for beetles to eat Sam's face.