Since Stephenie Meyer is a fat lard, it's not surprising that many analogies and metaphors have to do with food.

If you find one please post it for the lulz.

"Here I am with my glorified fanfiction. Oh, a Twinkie? You shouldn't have, thank you!"


  • Edward's eyes are "buttery golden".
  • A boy at lunch has "honey blond" hair.
  • The Voltuuri's eyes are "burgundy" which may or may not be a reference to wine. Seeing as how SMeyer is a Mormon, it's probably the latter.
  • Bella's skin is "peach" according to Jacob.
  • Jacob's skin is "russet" (a kind of apple) (also a kind of potato, which equals french fries... hmm, quite likely.)
  • Quil has "chocolate brown" fur. (Side note: most ridiculous part in Eclipse was when even Sam compared Quil's fur to chocolate. "And your chocolate fur reflects what? How sweet you are?" Dear God.)
  • Renesmee has "creamy" skin and "milk chocolate" eyes.
  • Edward stepped out into the "buttery sunlight".
  • Bella's eyes are "milk chocolate brown" according to herself Edward Alice Jacob EVERY FUCKING PERSON EVER IN THE DAMN BOOKS.
  • Jasper has "honey blond" hair, according to the illustrated guide.

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