Also, see WUT DO U MEAN STEPHIE CAN'T RITE?? IF SHE'S SO BAD HOW COME SHE'S SOLD SO MANY BUKS? Stephenie Meyer is known all too well in the anti mindset for her thesaurus abuse. When abusing the thesaurus however, she tends to use words incorrectly. It has to be said that she is not anti-thesaurus; she's anti-literature.

Chagrin Edit

Chagrin is SMeyer's favorite word. However, every time she uses the word, she uses it incorrectly. See the linked chagrin page for more information, just make sure to read the dictionary at least twice to prevent further damage to your brain.

Describing Edward Cullen Edit

Over the course of the first book, Edward Cullen is referred to as being "glistening", "sparkling", "shimmering", "scintillating", and "incandescent".

The latter two are especially hilarious, because they don't mean what SMeyer apparently thinks they do. "Scintillating" means that one is witty and bright, meaning his arms would be witty conversationalists. "Incandescent" means giving off light from heat. Since Bella constantly describes how cold Wardo is this is a fail description.

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