There are a ton of things, even shitty ones that you can say are better than Twilight. However, here's a list of things that may be just as bad as, or even worse than Twilight.

  1. The House of the Dead (The movie, not the game)
  2. Anything by Uwe Boll, really.
  3. Fifty Shades of Grey (unsurprisingly since it started out as a Twisuck fanfic by an obsessed Twimom)
  4. The Human Centipede series
  5. Rabid Twihards
  6. Anything made by Michael Bay
  7. Divergent (the following 2 movies, not the books)
  8. Red Riding Hood (the movie, not the fairy tale)
  9. Vampire Academy
  10. The Monster High novels with Melody Carver
  11. Boku no Pico
  12. Sonichu (The author isn't really all that great themselves, either)
  13. Sofia the First (Sofia is an insufferable Mary-Sue)