FANDOM is a site full of some of the only sane and reasonable people left on this planet, like the [REDACTED] being the only bastion of protection against things not of normal nature.

It's mostly inhabited by people who enjoy discussing Twilight in all its fail-eriffic glory. Well...actually the fact that they enjoy discussing Twilight may be considered by some an indicator of questionable sanity, but at least the high levels of rationality, intelligence, and literary experience are nice. Plus, they have e-cookies.

The others are banned for trolling. Dissenting opinions are not silenced, as in the case of some other sites, but blatant trolling and posting bullshit fangirl encounters are grounds for a ban.

If you really think that site's just there to bash Twilight , well, IT IS. But aren't your fansites the same thing, in the other direction? A site created solely to say "omg i loved those books!!!!!!!! =]"? Come on, you're lamer. At least TSdC has this crazy little thing called variety and atleast you won't get banned just for having a different opinion.

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