Very Unimaginative Cover

I have to say that "Life & Death" has to be about the most silliest, mundane, droll attempt at literature that I've ever read. YES. I admit - I read it - mostly for pure curiosity. It's more or less the same book as Twilight - but with the sexes switched. Some parts of the story are changed...but not changed enough to make the story interesting.

The story has WEAK characters: Beau (Bella) is a guy who isn't really into girls, hates cars, driving fast, but loves doing housework such as cooking and cleaning. What teen boy doesn't like cars and driving fast?

Meyer claims that the story is a 'gift' to her fans. So, Meyer probably spent a few hours on her computer doing 'search' and 'replace' - then changing the ending.

I do have to say that it took a lot of nerve for Meyer to actually publish this novel, and actually be proud of it. There's WAY better Fan-Fic than this.

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