Oh, this is one for the funny books... there was a user named TheMonsterInYourCloset who joined the Wiki on April 23rd, 2011, and proceeded to erase several pages of our data. She also seemed very self-absorbed, even going so far as to making a song about herself and putting it on about four Wiki pages. Ironically she claimed to be very intelligent - yet her grammar was poor, her treatment of this site was pathetic, and her maturity was a joke.

Monster, if you're reading this, allow me to describe for you what maturity is: maturity is a combination of respect, intelligence, and understanding. You claim to be intelligent and mature, but if that were the case, you would discuss Twilight with Antis without stupidly threatening to bite our heads off if you really wanted to get some points across with us. You contradicted yourself with your actions by erasing these pages, making some of your own (which had absolutely NOTHING to do with the Wiki, and were downright pathetic), and sometimes replacing page content with stupid phrases. By the way, congrats on coming out of the closet -- not many people have the strength to admit that they like poopy unicorns.

When I received wind of this girl's antics, I looked up how to reverse any edits made to a Wiki page, and visited her list of edits. I then proceeded to reverse the majority of them (some other changes had already been reversed), and as soon as I took action she seemed to stop. But even so, I payed close attention to her list of edits, in case she decided to make any more. Today I decided to check up on her page again, and was delighted to see that our honorable administrator ChavezOgram had blocked her from producing further edits. Though much to my surprise, she left a revenge threat on my main page. Yeah, she said I was on her "revenge list", simply for calling her a Twitroll. ... I didn't even go that far, I just called her a troll. :P What an amusing child. Besides, she exhibited the behavior of a troll, so my guess is that someone's in denial. This has been my first journal post, I'm Razor9350, and if you'll exuse me I'll be impaling some trolls now, Dracula style. Goodbye!

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