• Rose-Bleue

    Manzanas Podridas

    June 2, 2010 by Rose-Bleue

    OK, today I created a spanish anti twilight page if someone of you can write spanish, he or she will be very welcome there :)

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  • Rose-Bleue

    Stupid fans...

    April 8, 2010 by Rose-Bleue

    I've been banned in Tuenti (spanish facebook) because i commented in an event invitation that SMeyer and Federico Moccia writing style was a total disaster...

    Now I'm supposed to be a spammer...

    Well, if someone sends you an invitation to an envent about New Moon or one of the Moccia's books (no idea of the names in English) I can comment, and that's no spam, am I right?

    But fans flagged it as spam, so now I'm banned and I can not post anything, even if I use that spanish crappy version of Facebook to communicate with my classmates in the college?


    Twitards and fan-tards suck.

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