• TwilightReaderFan

    Hey. I actually enjoyed the books and films. I freely admit there were some problems with them. And I also admit that Bella breaks every mold...I mean she see's herself perfectly in every way...and Edward was a bit of a snot when he chose to be. I've read many comparison's with Twilight and Harry Potter here. I'm a MAJOR Harry Potter fan. And I admit that Cedric actually looked 17 on film...and Edward...not so much.

    BUT...I wonder if most of you guys dislike vampires....or is it only Meyer's version of vampires? I was also a major fan of Anne Rice years ago. I read almost all her vampire series in the 90's, and loved it. I haven't read much of Rice recently...but I still remember her vampire series. Meyer WAS in love with Edward herself...I…

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