Hey. I actually enjoyed the books and films. I freely admit there were some problems with them. And I also admit that Bella breaks every mold...I mean she see's herself perfectly in every way...and Edward was a bit of a snot when he chose to be. I've read many comparison's with Twilight and Harry Potter here. I'm a MAJOR Harry Potter fan. And I admit that Cedric actually looked 17 on film...and Edward...not so much.

BUT...I wonder if most of you guys dislike vampires....or is it only Meyer's version of vampires? I was also a major fan of Anne Rice years ago. I read almost all her vampire series in the 90's, and loved it. I haven't read much of Rice recently...but I still remember her vampire series. Meyer WAS in love with Edward herself...I totally see that. But Rice also admitted that she was in love with Lestat. Rice even said that she based Lestat upon herself...if she had been born a man. I recall that many Rice fans were just as obsessed with Lestat as many are with Edward. However, Rice's audience WAS adult and NOT young adult. But, Rice would have parties in her Louisiana estate and they would be "Rice Vampire" themed and everyone would dress up as their favorite character. And like Meyer, Rice also had a vampire series that was even longer than Meyer's series. Rice also made up some new facts about vampires. In Rice's version vampires get stronger as they age...they are actually turning into another substance that isn't human flesh. Until the process is complete (which takes thousands of years) a vampire's skin will burn in the sun. Really OLD vampires don't burn....but tan instead. Rice also wrote that her vampires did not produce more vampires by a bite. Instead, the human would have to drink from the vampire. So, she kinda reversed things with that perspective. Her vampires were also VERY bloodthirsty...Lestat could put away at least several humans a night...while Meyer hints that her vampires can go several weeks. Right after a human turned into a vampire...their fangs would grow (Meyer's vampires had no fangs) then their bodies suddenly disposed of all their human wastes (I think you know what I mean), but they never had to do this again. Rice also had her own version of the immortal child with Claudia. Meyer really went out there with the Vampire eye colors. The color of eyes with Rice's vampires do change when they become vampire. If they had brown eyes...their eyes would become golden brown. If they had blue eyes they would become this really vivid glow-like blue. But once their eye color stayed that way forever. While Meyer never tells us where her vampires came from...Rice does tell the reader. Vampires came into being thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt. The King & Queen of Egypt captured a pair of identical twin girls. These girls were able so commune with spirits. After the twin girls escaped, one of them sent one of these spirits to kill the King & Queen of Egypt. Instead of killing them...the spirit bonded with ceased to exist...but it's lifeforce consumed the King & Queen and changed them...and they became the first vampires.

So...Do you guys think that Rice's vampires were just as peculiar as Meyer's vampires? I'm curious if you find Rice just as odd as Meyer...or did you enjoy Rice's vampire series? Or do you even care? I think in some ways...Rice's vampires and her opinions about them are out of this world crazy. Then for a while, Rice became a devout Christian and actually demonized her own vampire books and would have nothing to do with them. Rice has since had a change of heart...and accept her vampires again. Wasn't this also strange? As strange as say...sparkly vampires?

Another thing...Rice was raised a devout Catholic. Meyer was supposedly raised a Mormon. I was told there are Christian themes to the Twilight books...but I never detected any myself. Are they there? Rice DID write a series of Christian books about Christ. AND...I've read on THIS site that Meyer HATES Catholics. First of all...Did she REALLY say this? And if she did...Why?

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