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    I felt like writing this, so I shall. Enjoy!

    • Dracula: Long after Twilight has gone and teenagers pick up another book (which hopefully isn't worse than Twilight), the Cloaked King shall still be about.
    • Blackula: Far superior to any sparklepire. He's also a congress man for Virginia.
    • Hellsing: Watch the video...
    • Blade: I don't need to go into much depth here why it's better.
    • Van Hellsing: If only he appeared in Twilight...
    • Harry Potter: Thats right; the one vampire that appeared over several pages beats the entire Twilight saga.
    • Dragon Ball Z: Same applies, only with filler.
    • Nosferatu: A timeless classic. Twilight, on the other hand...
    • Skulduggery Pleasant: Not a vampire story, but it has vampires. They're different to normal vampires, but they don't s…
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    October 24, 2009 by Wikiguy

    You guys don't know how happy you've just made me.

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