I felt like writing this, so I shall. Enjoy!

  • Dracula: Long after Twilight has gone and teenagers pick up another book (which hopefully isn't worse than Twilight), the Cloaked King shall still be about.
  • Blackula: Far superior to any sparklepire. He's also a congress man for Virginia.
  • Hellsing: Watch the video...thumb|300px|right|The face-off at last!
  • Blade: I don't need to go into much depth here why it's better.
  • Van Hellsing: If only he appeared in Twilight...
  • Harry Potter: Thats right; the one vampire that appeared over several pages beats the entire Twilight saga.
  • Dragon Ball Z: Same applies, only with filler.
  • Nosferatu: A timeless classic. Twilight, on the other hand...
  • Skulduggery Pleasant: Not a vampire story, but it has vampires. They're different to normal vampires, but they don't sparkle and have marbles skin; they're killed by sea water and decaptitaton. There are also no wise cracking dective skelatons in the Twilight series (P.S. You should read Skulduggery Pleasant!)
  • Peeps: "Ok, lets get this straight: vampires don't sparkle. And they aren't gay either."+
  • The Simpsons: (Halloween Special) The two of them really don't compare.
  • Halo: The Covenent Vampire flying machines in Halo Wars are beast
  • Pirates of the Carribien: Actually it's not a vampire story and no vampires are featured. It just proves that it's a better vampire story even though there's not a single vampire in it.
  • Artemis Fowl: Oh sorry, I thought Twilight was a story about fairies for a moment!
  • Goosebumps: I'm pretty sure there's one about vampires; and I'm pretty sure it's better than Twilight.
  • That Book: You know, that really good book that you can never find when you go into a book shop. The first one was great but no matter where you look you can't find it and for some reason just about all the book shops have the third book in the series so you have to order the book in and for some reason after that you see that book everywhere then you realise that the book would have been easier to find if they book stores hadn't ordered so much Twilight in an it kind of annoys you (that wasn't really about Twilight, that was just my rant on how hard it was for me to find the second book in a series once [oh, and it wasn't about vampires; I didn't really think of the Twilight part of it until I sat down to write this]]. I'm just telling you that if you are looking for a great but not so famous book then there might not have a lot of then in stock because they bought too many copies of Twilight. Anyway the third book was easy to find and still can be found in a book shop near you. Anyway back to Frozen Apples.)
  • Little Vampires: They're not just friends, they're blood-sucking brothers! And did I mention that they don't sparkle?

And, finally, last but not least...

  • Seaseme Street: If the Count ever entered Stephenie Myer's dream land he would whaz everyone up real bad, even if Bella had her shield.

Well, I hope you enjoyed that. See you around!

+(Sorry if you are gay but I knew no other word to describe it.)

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