Many true vampires are becoming pissed in the twenty-first century. What could it be that's making them this way? Could it possibly be all the new technology that has been created? Well,the answer is NO, the reason all these vampires are pissed is because of the mass production of the failbooks known as the Twilight Saga.To salute these noble vampires and their brilliant cause, I have decided to compile a list of who they are.

Alucard,who shall happily blow Edwards sparkly head off,causing many to rejoice.
Akasha Bloodriver,shinso (true ancestor)AKA BADASS,gets to kill Bella for being a whiny bitch and making all females look weak.

Kaname Kuran destinated target: Aro, sparkly douchebag to the max, simply because there's only one leader of the vampires and it is not some wimp ass who hides in a castle for 1000 years.

D'Ablo,well,he's just happy to kill ANY Meyerpire disgrace.

Em,the oldest vampire known in the Vlad Tod World shall subject Caius to her brand of "Justice".

Moka Akashiya,will turn into her inner version of herself and help her mother Akasha kill Bella,even though she really doesn't need it.Know your place x2 Bella!

Vladimir Tod,half human half vampire,will go all pravus on Renestards ass.

Basically everyone in the Shuzen family.

All of Elysia.

Yuki Kuran


Queen Akasha




Damon Salvatore

Hunter Redfern

Stefan Salvatore


The Count (from Sesame Street), And it looks like he already made an attempt

Radu Vladislas


The Valentine Siblings, Joaquim, Kieth, and Hildegard. Even silly vampires can not abide the sparkling.

Jerry (from Fright Night)

Marceline, The Vampire Queen and also her Dad

Katherine Petrova

Marius de Romanus





Count Dracula


Blade (technically a Dhampir, but whatever)



Barnabas Collins. Johnny Depp is the alpha vampire.

Count Chocula, even he is manlier than Edward.

Sarah Fox (My babysitter's a vampire)

Angel, Spike... OK, all vampires from the Buffy/Angel universe.

Katharine von Schwarzschild 

Dimitri Belikov

David, Paul, Dwayne, and Marko (The Lost Boys)

Zero Kiryu

Saya Otanashi (Blood+ ; even though she's a Chiropteran, creature that's not called a vampire, she's considered one because Blood+ was based on Blood: The Last Vampire)

Mina Tepes

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