"The difference between fiction and reality? Fiction has to make sense." Tom Clancy

We mean that it should follow the basis of logic. Otherwise, things turn out like bad fanfiction. For example, Meyer claimed that her vampires are scientifically based. She then proceeded to torture both science and logic to death with her explanations of vampire evolution, crystal structures, imaginary hormones, and genetics, among other things. In case you hadn't noticed, this makes her look like an idiot.

What does "Canon" mean? Edit

Canon is "any material that is considered to be 'genuine', or can be directly referenced as material produced by the original author or creator of a series." [1] This can include creator interviews, and information found on the creator's website as well as the material itself. Fanfiction, fanart and (in the case of written material) movie adaptations are almost never considered canon.

What does "RetCon" mean? Edit

A fantasy world should be internally consistent, and follow internal logic. A "retcon" (short for "retroactive continuity") is when an author directly contradicts something about their world that was established in canon, with the intention that the new claim should replace the old one. For example, Meyer established in interviews that her vampires are infertile, but she retconned this when making Renesmee. Too many retcons can make a fantasy or science fiction world confusing and hard for readers to relate to.

A retcon is not the same as a plot-hole, as plot-holes are careless mistakes.

Plot-Holes Edit

Before we begin, did you know reality can have plot-holes, too? An example for a reality plot-hole would be what is also the biggest of the entire series: Stephenie Meyer MAJORED IN ENGLISH LITERATURE?!?!!??

Let's be clear: to create a truly consistent, perfectly logical fantasy/science fiction world is rather difficult.  Few, if any, fantasy writers manage to have zero plot-holes (even writers of realism have them).  No one with the right mindset would possibly expect Meyer to create a perfect, plot-hole free series, especially on her first try.


There is such a thing as too many plot-holes.  There comes a point where too many plot-holes give the impression that the writer simply hasn't thought through her stories.  They call into question the quality or the very existence of her editing process.  Plot holes are especially glaring when the main plot of a story rest on them. And then they spawn the dreaded Plot Hole Monsters.


Oh yes she does.


1. The high school-attending Cullens try their best to stick to an animals-only diet, and if they are exposed to human blood, they are likely to go into a frenzy. But if that is the case, then how are they able to attend a public high school? Several kids cut themselves frequently, there's that time of the month for female teachers and students alike, and accidents are also prone to happen (especially in Biology class, where sharp instruments are being used daily). And not to mention the gym and PE class. Are we lead to assume that Forks High School is the most perfect high school in the world where nothing bad could possibly happen?

2. We get that the Cullens want to mind their own business and live a happy life without killing people. But why go public when you can claim to be homeschooled? That way they can get away with staying inside at all times and avoid looking like secluded, antisocial freaks at the same time. Oh, they want to blend in, you say? In this violent society? You've gotta be kidding us. Since they don't even like mingling in high school and keep to themselves like its a pain.

3. So the Cullens want to go camping, every time the sun comes out, but actually, you can't miss that many days of school with a real reason like being really sick. And even if they were sick, they would still have to repeat a year. Shouldn't truant officers be forcing the kids to come to school? And by the way, in real life, clouds may clear unexpectedly some days. What do the Cullens do when the weather is unsettled?

4. What makes Bella's flora-smelling blood so speshull and make all the Meyerpire (ESPECIALLY Ewdard) so cray-cray for it? Is it the "Holy Virgin Madonna" Syndrome or just a special little snowflake trait character gimmick Black Hole Sue Power supernatural ability to be maker her a plot device attractive to God's Angels Vampires for...reasons? And why did it become a Mental Shield Power? Meyer thinks actually subjecting her fictional character to ANY HARM (that Edtard couldn't Superman her from) would make her STILL a "weak female thing", even as a Invincible Vampire? Why would anyone want to drink air-freshener? What CAN Bella do without outside over-protection besides get pregnant because CONDOMS ARE EVULLLZZZ!! Another result of Stephenie's dumb logic, is Bella's mind is a shield against powers that works on brain. Like electric shocks or pain projected on mind can't be felt (don't even ask). But according to her book, Jasper is able to control moods because mind isn't related to a mood, which is not much of a plothole but pure idiocy.

6) The Quiluete knew they were vampires, the Cullens knew the Quiluete can change into wolves. Then why exactly out of all places on earth would they move in next door to their mortal enemies (other than for Stephenie to create a love triangle with a pedowolf). The Cullens also never change their name while moving, they visited Forks, and are even remembered for it. I guess the whole keeping your identity secret thing isn't such a secret. Also does Carlisle study medical to earn a license each time he starts practice at a new place? Or do people still accept licences from 400 years ago ?

7) Why didn't Alice see Victoria in her visions in New Moon, but she saw only Bella cliff-diving? To be fair, Victoria was around a lot with Jacob (Alice can't see past wolves for the plot's convinience) but still she should have seen Victoria, as Victoria visited Bella's house. And why wasn't she alarmed when her vision got blocked by Jacob? She was pretty alarmed when Bella got pregnant and she couldn't see her.

8) If Aro can pretend to be a saint and drive out vampires from Volterra, and even have a festival for himself celebrated by humans, then what stops Cullens from achieving something more then repeating High Scool over and over and over again? Aren't they supposed to be good vampires?

9) Jasper isn't new. He's been around since the Civil War. He is older then Edward and should have more control as compared to Emmett who is youngest to change. This is clear exaple of Stephanie's grudge against blondes.

10) $1000 notes aren't in use, yet Alice uses them in New Moon to bribe a lame ass security guard who doesn't know a single bit about money.

11) If Edward has sperms in him, he has been saving them from his human years (90 years) since new sperms are required to be produces by body and Edward is frozen. And if he really is venomous, his sperms should also be, meaning Bella should have turned into a vampire because of his sperms.

12) The wolf "gene" only kicks in when there are vampires around. In Twilight there were around 8 vampires max at a time in Forks. Yet Jacob transformed only after the Forks vampire population dipped in numbers ie. when Cullens left. Perhaps he is a late bloomer. But why were wolves MIA when James and his coven were killing people in Forks ? The only explanation is Stephanie has not yet thought of throwing in wolves.

13) Why did Edward leave Bella in Forks, next to Quiluete tribe who has a family history of Down's Syndrome24 Chromosomes. Did he think it died out or something ? Maybe should have spend some time researching those shapeshifting mortal enemies instead of repeating High School.

14) When your vampires have "souls" they aren't undead anymore. They are leeches.

15) The biggest fail : Sunlight doesn't harm Meyerpires. They are strong. They are fast, as we see in "Tyler's van crushing Bella" scene. They don't sleep. They don't need to breath. They are good swimmers. Stakes cannot kill them. Garlic and crosses don't repel them. In fact it's really hard to kill a Meyerpire, they would only die when beheaded and burnt. Plus they have "special abilities" like mind reading, causing pain, shielding, etc. That leaves almost no chance for a human to kill them. So why on earth are they hidding from humans ? Are they too lazy to take over the world ? Are they ashamed that they sparkle ? They can easily take over the world, and breed humans as cattles. The whole point of vampiric superpowers is to make Edward "perfect" and vampiric secrecy is to make Edward "mysterious" not explained.

The Great Southern Vampire Wars Edit

See main article: Great Southern Vampire Wars (GSVW.)


Meyer clearly states that "all vampires are infertile." We have news for you, Meyer.

All = All ∴ All ≠ Some.

Which brings us to the issue of how the hell demonspawn came to be. Damn plot-holes!!

Volturi Travel PlanningEdit

How the fuck did it take the Volturi an entire MONTH to get from Volterra to Forks? It took Bella and Alice about one day to get from Forks to Volterra. Why can't the Volturi rent a few cars and head to Rome and GET ON A PLANE? This leaves us with several possiblities:

1. Aro is a douchebag. He ordered the Volturi to walk across Italy and France then swim across the North Atlantic Ocean, and then WALK across America.

2. Bella is the biggest Mary-Sue since the beginning of stories. The Volturi kept trying to get a plane, but every single plane crashed because planes crash SO fucking often. *both sarcasm hands and feet plus toes and fingers raised*

3. Aro was too busy "making war plans" with Cauis

References Edit

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