Of Character DevelopmentEdit


We mean that every character is perfect. Therefore, they have no need to change. Change is what drives character development. We see none, absolutely none, in the Twilight series. Bella is basically the same person at the end of the series as she was at the beginning, with the exception of her death by chestburster. If anything, her personality only fluctuates slightly throughout the saga.

Of PlotEdit

Plot. Hmm. The plot. It's a sequence of events that deal with the protagonist overcoming a challenge, termed the antagonist. Throughout the series, Bella has no antagonist: in Twilight, her quest for love for Edward is completed insanely easily. He acts like he hates her at first, but in the end, it turns out he's actually obsessed with her to the point that any sane girl would have called the cops on his sparkly ass. A few chapters towards the end, an evil Meyerpire tries to kill Bella, but she's found and he's killed insanely easily. In New Moon, the entire book is basically just her angsting over losing her boyfriend... Her angsting is mitigated by Edward. In Eclipse, Victoria is easily dispatched and we all knew that the love triangle would collapse from the start, And in Breaking Canon Dawn, there is no conflict.  No, the Volturi do not count as proper antagonists, as all they do is stand in the background and look threatening whilst not actually setting any obstacles for the protagonist. The worst thing they do is demand that Bella be turned into a Meyerpire, which she actually wanted to happen (and we all knew was going to happen anyway).

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