Saga. Sa·ga. Noun. Why Twilight is not a Saga? Let's see...


  1. A medieval Icelandic or Norse prose narrative of achievements and events in the history of a personage, family, etc.
  2. A modern heroic narrative resembling the Icelandic saga, any narrative or legend of heroic exploits
  3. Also called saga novel. a form of the novel in which the members or generations of a family or social group are chronicled in a long and leisurely narrative.

If you check a wictionary instead, you'll find some uses as neologism, using it as an "almost synonymous" word for "series of books", specially for "fantastic adventures" genre, even if is not a totally correct use.


  • Stephenie Meyer is not from Iceland, and her stories were not written in the Middle Ages.
  • Her stories didn't AT ALL resemble Norse sagas. (Much for her Chagrin, because a Viking instead of a gay vampire glitterpire glittering Meyerpire would be cool)
  • Her story is centered about ONE character, not about her family (because Pixie Meyerpire covens don't really count as families and the story is written from Meyer's Bella's POV.)
  • Swooning over a glittering teenage wannabe vampire does not count as a heroic exploit, and this makes up the majority of the books.

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