Zafrina is a South American Meyerpire and a member of the Amazon Coven, along with Senna and someone named Kachiri, who was conveniently


not present in the movie. She was, however, completely responsible for killing creating the other two. They all life happily in the Amazonian rainforest, which may or may not involve skipping through it at all times.

Zafrina's speshul power is creating mental illusions in the minds of others, thus presumably useless when Bella Sue is around. Naturally and as a result of their meeting, Zafrina is buddy-buddy with the ultimate Sue Renesmee.

It should be noted that Zafrina is prone to wild movements, and she and her sisters of sorts are depicted as the least civilized Meyerpires in the series. Why? Because Stephenie Meyer is a racist.

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